How to Make Dog Training Fun With the Sit Position And Stay Game

How compensating it is for your pooch to sit and remain smoothly before you enable him to get some sustenance, or treat or a toy. Furthermore, for your canine, it is an extraordinary encounter to hold up until you to give the solicitation. Since that is the techniques by which your canine needs to talk with you. You are responsible for his space and he will obey and remunerate you when you make arranging fun.

The Sit and Stay Game makes setting up your canine to sit and remain a fun and compensating establishment for both of you.

Principles of the Game

Pick high-reimburse sustenance and certification that your pooch is avaricious and masterminded to eat.

Pick the “Solicitation” word. Keep it strong, something like “Sit (or Stay or Wait)” works respectably.

Pick the “No Reward” marker word, something like “Nope (or Too Bad or Opps)” works exceptionally.

Watch your pooch’s language. The way wherein a canine says “please” is to get into the “sit” position.

Be tolerant. Your pooch will sit to state “please” (unavoidably).

Sit and Stay Food Bowl Game

Right when a canine needs sustenance, a toy, to play or basically going out the entryway, he checks for a solicitation from the pack head. So here’s an amazing procedure to set up your pooch that is fun and fulfilling. Simultaneously, you are giving your canine the tendency that you are the pack manager:

Sales that your canine “Sit” while you hold the sustenance bowl distant from your pooch, around 2 feet away. Stand sideways with one shoulder challenging him. Hold the bowl in spite of what may be normal side.

sit position

Start to allow the bowl directly to down to the floor. As you chop down the bowl, if your pooch moves or gets up, essentially state unassumingly “Nope” (your bearing word) AND at the same time move the bowl away and far away. By then requesting that your canine sit once more. (You may need to meander out of position so you can go facing your pooch sideways or set him afresh into position on the off chance that he has surged forward). The key is to begin straight from a tantamount position once more.

Right when your pooch keeps up the SIT POSITION, begin chopping down the bowl to the floor- – while he is still in position. In the event that your pooch begins to get up to go to the bowl, pull the bowl back up once more. The key is that you are slowing down with the bowl and pulling back with the bowl until you can put it on the floor while your canine is HOLDING THE SIT POSITION.

Look at your canine while he is in the sit position. You need your pooch to remain in the sit position AND look before you move the bowl to your canine and offer it to him.

When you have set the bowl on the floor, say “Remain” (or your solicitation word), hold up a couple of minutes, by then move the bowl towards your pooch and engage him to eat. Endeavor not to predict a ton from your canine, yet. Only a few previews of HOLDING THE STAY POSITION “stop” time is uncommon from the start.

Right, when your canine has kept up the SIT and STAY for a few minutes, by then push the bowl toward your pooch and engage him to eat his sustenance. Play the game on different occasions each day, at strengthening time, adding a few minutes to the “Remain” time until your pooch holds the SIT and STAY position and you give him the bowl. You are stirring up your pooch’s lead to sit and accept that your heading all together will get the reward.

Keep in mind both you and your pooch need to comprehend the measures: In sales to get sustenance, your canine must hold the Sit and Stay position and take a gander at you (not the sustenance) to win!

You can try this with a treat, a ball or toy as well. Keep it fun, laugh at your pooch when he attempts to cheat and give your canine tribute when he takes care of business consummately.

The Sit and Stay Game isn’t just about setting up your pooch to sit and remain for sustenance. It’s about the approval you give- – and the joy you get when your pooch kindly sits and remains for you. What it’s incredibly about is winning a fun and remunerating relationship for both you and your pooch!

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